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We all know the internet is full of information.  Mining through that massive amount of information to find what you need can take a lot of time or take you down endless rabbit holes.  I’ve compiled a list of important resources, product recommendations and links to things I like for one reason or another below.  I hope you find them useful.

Many of the resources are gardeners, growers, permaculturalists and plant magicians that I follow, know, or have learned from.  Recommended books are all books I have in my own collection or have read and returned to the library.  (The library is awesome!)

Product links and recommendations are for products I have tried and liked, or someone close to me that I trust has tried and liked.  I usually specify that for each item.

Permaculture, Plant & Gardening Resources

David The Good

David The Good

David is amazing, knowledgeable and oh so entertaining! His YouTube channel is always full of new content. He isn’t dogmatic, and takes a scientific approach to gardening. If he has an idea, he tries, it, usually documents it, then shares his results with his followers. All of that is mixed in with humor, songs and stories. Awesome mix of content and entertainment. David also has a series of books published and available on Amazon. I own all (or almost all) of them and love them.

Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest

Elise Pickett is the owner of Urban Harvest. We attended our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) together. Elise is a skilled gardener and amazingly talented at getting a high yield from her Florida veggie gardens. I have gone to her for advice many times…and took her online gardening video series earlier this year. It comes with recordings so you can go back and watch them when you need help with a specific issue. She also offers gardening consults and installations. Check her out if you are in the St. Pete area!

Grow Permaculture

Grow Permaculture, Koreen Brennan

Koreen is a teacher and mentor of mine. She is amazing Gardener, Educator, Permaculturalist and more! She offers Permaculture Design Courses, as well as a variety of other classes and events. I have learned so much from her! Her farm is currently in Brooksville, FL, but she has experience growing and building community in a variety of areas in and out of Florida. Koreen is also a grower and seller on the site. Check out her wonderful plants!

Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton

While I have never met Geoff Lawton, I have watched so many of his videos, read online content and learned as much as I can absorb from him. His website and YouTube content give you some really great information. Lots of focus on permaculture principles and how they are implemented in real life. He also offers a free Introduction to Permaculture on his website that is a great way to get started.

Permaculture & Gardening Links

Herbal Resources & Recommendations

Herbalist and Herbal Studies Resources

Herbalism & Medicine Making Book Recommendations

Most of the product links that take you to Amazon or another seller page provide a very small percentage of the sale to Edible Eden if you decide to make a purchase.  This helps us continue to add new content to the site for you all and continue to foster and build the online community.

Thanks for your support! 

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