Seller Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to help! My team and I will respond to you in the timeliest manner possible for any email inquiries. Please contact us via phone if you need urgent assistance.
  1. Customers order their plants online and pay for them by 11:59 PM Wednesday night.  Customers get an email confirmation of their order, and sellers are notified a purchase has been made via email when the orders are placed.  
  2. All orders are picked up from sellers at a predetermined location/pick-up point on Friday for distribution to customers.  
  3. Customers receive pickup information in their email confirmation, and pick their plants up at a local spot on Saturday mornings.
  4. To facilitate sales for each Grower/Seller, each seller will need to create a vendor account, set up a store, add products, and add a way for you to get paid.
  5. We are using a third party payment provider, Stripe, which allows you to create an account and enter your business and banking info for payment.  Once that account is set up with Stripe, we link it to your vendor store.
  6. This allows customers to find you and your products on the site, and the site to directly pay you once products are received.  
  7. You will not be required to have any communication with the customer, as we take care of everything for you! We are providing an easy to use system, where you can make a profit from your plant growing passion while we take care of the rest. You just simply post your products with pricing and sit back and relax! 
  8. If you are not computer savvy and need help setting up your grower store or stripe account, we are here for you!  Sara comes from the IT world and has worked in Software development, so she can easily walk you through setup on a phone call or Zoom meeting.
  1. Permaculture plants, edible plants, Florida natives.  Any plants that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  
  2. Plant related products and services like planter boxes, planter bed creation and installation, permaculture or design services.
  3. Herbal and plant products made from plants!  If you are an herbalist and have tincture, syrups, salves or herbal tea blends, those can be sold on the site as well.  Due to cottage law requirements, herbal products  will never be able to be shipped through the site.
  1. You just register for a vendor page on our website, fulfill your orders weekly, then get paid via direct deposit to your business account! 
  2. We take care of transporting your plants and paying you once setup is complete.  Follow our how-to guide that is emailed to you once you create your seller account.
  3. We do require signing a basic contract between Edible Eden and each Seller.  This protects both you and Edible Eden, and clearly outlines the percentage split agreed upon for the sale of plants, plant related products and herbal products.  It also specifies that each grower/seller/vendor working with Edible Eden is an independent contractor.
  4. Once the contract is complete, the seller page is published live for customers to make purchases!
  1. Set up your vendor page with details about you, why you grow, what you grow and how you are a part of the local plant community.  Next, add a vendor shop logo or image to represent your store, and a photo of yourself for the grower/seller photo.  
  2. After adding store content and photos, add your products!
  3. Be sure to include photos with all products you create and post.  Multiple, detailed photos of the plant, where you can see close up features and the whole plant are recommended. 
  4. Postings require sellers to pick a category for their product, provide a name, description and price.  
  5. Once products are added, a site admin will review and approve the products for sale.  
  6. If there are any issues with the product listing, an Edible Eden representative will contact you to resolve them.  
  1. For item pricing, be sure to factor in the percentage split for Edible Eden.  
  2. If you want to receive $7 for an item, and have agreed to a 70/30 split for product sales, price the item at $10.  
  3. When the sale is made, $7 goes to the grower and $3 goes to Edible Eden.
  4. Any applicable sales tax or credit card fees are added on to the order and paid by the customer at time of purchase
  1. Sales tax will be applied and collected at purchase, and Edible Eden will handle submission of those tax fees.  
  2. Credit card transactions will have a 3% fee applied to them, which will be added to the purchase price and passed on to the customer.  
  3. Growers/sellers are expected to manage their own employment taxes, medicare/medicaid and SSN taxes based on the independent contractor status of each grower/seller.
  1. Completed contract on file with Edible Eden
  2. Seller account created on Stripe to receive payments
  3. Seller/Vendor store created on, complete with product listings, and linked to Stripe account
  4. Filling your orders weekly for any products sold
  1. You will receive order notifications via email as soon as orders for products from your store are placed.
  2. You will receive a second, summary email on Thursday mornings with all orders placed that are expected for pickup on Fridays.  
  3. Reports are also available via the Seller Dashboard part of the page, which show all orders placed.
  1. Weekly order cutoff is Wednesday nights at 11:59 PM.  This means any orders placed from the previous Thursday thru Wednesday night, will be available for customers Saturday.  For us to get the plants sorted and to customers in time, we need to pick them up from growers on Fridays.
  2. Based on the locations of our vendors, we are working on identifying multiple plant pickup sites for growers.  For example, if we have 5 growers in St. Pete, we will pick a location central to those locations and ask all St. Pete growers to meet us at one location to handoff plants
  3. To start, we will have a minimum of 3 pickup locations, in Tampa, St. Pete and New Port Richey.
  4. For large orders, we can discuss pickup at the seller/grower’s location
  5. For growers in the St. Pete, area, drop off to an Edible Eden location can also be arranged.
  6. Our goal is to create a flexible local pickup model that works for everyone but does not require a huge time expenditure for anyone to deliver plants.  We are open to input and feedback from our growers and know the plant pickup process will evolve as we onboard growers in different parts of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.
  1. We currently only support local pickup as we launch the site.  
  2. Once local pickup is running smoothly, we plan to expand to include shipping within Florida.  
  3. The focus will be shipping to Florida for a few reasons;  we want our plants to be alive and healthy when they make it to you, and we want to reduce our environmental impact by keeping shipments local and many of our plants are specific to the Florida climate and bioregion.
  4. When we add shipping, we will not be able to ship herbal products.

Local delivery is coming soon.  We are working out the details for the cost and timing of local delivery, and will update everyone as soon as it’s figured out.

You will get paid (weekly?) electronically via your Stripe account.

  1. Edible Eden is not going to  offer returns or refunds for plants.  In partnership with our sellers, we will provide a replacement of the same plant if the plant dies within 7 days.  
  2. We are not Home Depot and we will not be taking back plants because they are improperly cared for. 
  3. However, if a plant is diseased or has a problem and dies immediately at no fault of the customer, we will aim to replace it.  
  4. We are not offering returns or refunds to customers due to the nature of plant sales. 
  5. However, we can work together to replace plants for customers if we agree there was a problem on our end.  
  6. If Edible Eden damages a plant between receipt of the plants from growers and delivery, we will replace it for the customer at no cost to the customer or seller.
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