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Bustin’ Out The Books Blog 2

Sara talking about books! This post continues sharing some of my favorite wild edible and foraging books for plant ID and ideas for how to use what you gather ...

Bustin’ Out The Books Blog 1

The first of many videos where, Sara, owner of Edible Eden FL, talks about some of here favorite books. Since Sara really likes to read, you're probably going ...

People Plants

Quite a few of my favorite plants are common weeds to most people. Some of those weeds also have the best medicine! One of my favorite herbalists, Yarrow ...

Favorite Summer Greens

Have you experienced major disappointment trying to get “normal” lettuces and greens growing in Florida?  I struggled with that for a few years, especially ...

Composting Isn’t Scary

Or…Why was I so scared of Composting for so long? So I guess this article is a “Permaculture Confession” of sorts.  I don’t know about you all, but I was ...

Survival Plant Profile: Ackee

written by Daisy The Good June 25, 2020 Ackee is one of the most beloved trees in the Caribbean, especially to Jamaicans. It is the main part of ...

Growing Arrowroot

written by David The Good January 8, 2016 That said, I only mention the crop in passing in my book Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening because ...

Survival Plant Profile: Bananas

written by David The Good December 14, 2012 Growing banana trees in North Florida is more than possible. In South Florida, bananas will produce ...

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